Friday, December 3, 2010

La Bella Figura- in 45 linear inches no less!!

First of all, it feels good to be back. I will now sing "I LOVE CLOTHES" from the mountain tops. See- this is what happens when I don't socialize with my fellow fashion loving friends in blog land- I get slap happy.

Onto the serious stuff- my family and I are headed to Italy to spend Christmas and New Years with good friends. We are spending the first week in Northern Italy (Parma) at our friends' house, and then both of our families are visiting Rome (4 nights/ 5 days) and Venice (2 nights/ 3 days including New Years Eve) for the second week. It is very much a family outing with 4 kids in tow. My girlfriend has already given me a gentle lecture about over packing (she's known me for 20+ years- what can I say???). We will be travelling by train the second week so we are trying to stay compact (like one overhead fitting bag compact- I get anxiety just typing that). They have a washer and dryer so I will be able to do laundry after the first week before we hit the road. Having said all this- I have been working on my packing list in polyvore and would LOVE any feedback. I would also love a gravity check on thinking all of this will fit in one little roller-bag; I swear, I'm not smoking anything. I just have my rosy colored glasses on. If I wear the heaviest things on the plane (blazer, jeans, boots etc..)- it just might fit. Here's the part where you tell me what to ditch and what to add!! Thank you in advance for any thoughts.


  1. Hi! If it helps you feel any better, my husband and I traveled to Italy for two weeks, and I took a carry on roller bag! I also had to help my daughter pack, last spring semester, for her study abroad program in Florence. Not only is there a size limit, but weight limits as well. SHE learned a lot in that process - at first was quite upset with me for ditching her print dresses etc. You probably know some basics, but most important:

    Do not take any item unless it can be worn at least 3 ways. Layering is key.

    Shoes/Boots: Every surface in Italy is lumpy stone. And you will do A LOT of walking. Shoes take up lots of suitcase space (and we always packed tights, socks, etc. inside of the shoes.)

    Roll-up Space saving bags (available at Bed Bath and Beyond, use a 20% OFF coupon) are life savers. Great for reducing space and "air weight" - especially for sweaters.

    We had a washer/dryer available for the 5 days we spent in Tuscany, which was mid-trip, so we did laundry then.

    Rome was loaded with pick pockets - you could SEE them eyeing pockets, purses, etc. Wearing a neck pound with your credit cards/passport, and only keeping a daily supply of cash available in a cross body bag is smart. No wallets in back pockets.

    Italian airports are VERY STRICT about the weight limits - I saw dozens of crying college girls throwing away clothing, shoes, etc. to lighten their loads for weekend excursions around Europe.

    You will be rolling your luggage off the train in Venice, onto whatever water transportation you use, etc. So even your "second" item - a large purse/tote - should be manageable.

    I could go on all day...there are great websites on how to pack - Martha Stewart has great info that I read years ago about laying large items - long pants, dress - and then doing "fold overs" to reduce wrinkling. I went to wedding in Florida with a carry on and packed 3 dresses (two evening, one for the wedding) along with shorts, bathing suits etc..using her advise.

    Good luck!
    Have a wonderful time! My daughter was in Venice last February and it snowed! Watch your step! If you read my blog - I broke my leg in Venice! and I had been there before!!!

  2. Sorry - that should have said "neck pouch" - or a money belt works too.

  3. Just found your blog a few months ago & I've been wondering how your year went. Glad to see that y'all are going on a fabulous vacation!

    As a serial overpacker, I have absolutely no words of wisdom.